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• 2013 – Jannat Alferdos for Oil Services was awarded logistics contract for the provision of vehicles and transportation of fuel at Shell’s Majnoon Oilfield in Southern Iraq.

• 2014_ - Construction of storage tanks at Shell’s Majnoon oilfield.

• 2017 - In partnership with the General Company for Ports of Iraq a dedicated export terminal for crude & petroleum products has been established at Umm Qasr Port South, Berth 9.

• 2018 - Rail link, the first of its kind in Iraq, was inaugurated from Al Doura Refinery in Baghdad direct to Umm Qasr Port South, Berth 9 allowing crude & petroleum products to be efficiently transported from the refinery via the export terminal to the wider region.

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  • Date Feb, 2017
  • LOCATION Iraq, Basrah
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  • CATEGORY Feb, 2017