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since it’s inception in 2010, JANNAT ALFERDOS COMPANY FOR OIL SERVICES has established a well-renowned name for itself. With headquarters in Iraq, the company has been active in numerous sectors providing diversified and professional services including logistics, Oil Services, Rental Heavy Duty Equipment, Rig Move, and Construction services. The company prides itself in its their field of specification providing exclusive services for the international, local companies and government sectors in Iraq. Our management knowledge and understanding of local markets has aided in better understanding and meeting the needs of our clients. Overtime the company has grown and developed its operation and has proven time and again its professionalism and on-time delivery of all projects, always ensuring optimum value for our clients at efficient prices. We value our human resources and understand that they are an inseparable aspect to the company’s growth; therefore we make sure to recruit the most skilled staff members that add value to the company. Furthermore, we foster a strong spirit of team work and encourage and support our employees to grow and develop long-term careers ensuring.